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7 Things You’ve Always Wanted to Know About Red Velvet Cake

Red velvet cake lust is becoming less adoration and more obsession – and one we’re very happy to jump on board with. According to, this brightly hued treat is one of the most frequent dessert searches on the website. 

Photo by The Beautiful Mess

What is that flavor, though? Certainly there’s no taste that’s simply “red.” So it is chocolate? Vanilla? Strawberry? (It’s not strawberry, but good guess.) A lot of people mistakenly think that red velvet is simply chocolate cake that’s been colored. It is that, but there’s also a bit of vinegar added to the mix, which makes the flavor slightly acidic and only chocolate-ish. You’ll also taste notes of caramelized sugar and vanilla.

 Try our Red Velvet Brownie Bar w/ Oreo cream cheese filling!

Our Red Velvet Cupcake is filled with chocolate mousse & topped with with cream cheese icing.

Photo by Cunningham Photo Artists

 A Quick Science Lesson: When you mix cocoa powder with vinegar and buttermilk, the cocoa’s natural pigments react with the acid and turn reddish-brown. Most modern recipes use red food coloring too, to make the tint brighter. 

 We serve Red Velvet Wowee Cake Pops Tuesday through Sunday!

Nobody’s really sure where the flavor originated, but there are a few fun theories. One says that in the 1800s, light “velvet” cakes were trending and that the term “red velvet” came from using brown sugar, which was called red sugar back then. According to Adams Extract & Spice Company, they created the name during the Great Depression after adding red dye to a classic velvet cake recipe. My favorite theory is that the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City served the first red velvet cake circa 1930. Upset after being billed $100, the customer asked for the recipe and then handed out free copies as payback, thus popularizing our beloved dessert.

Photo by The Beautiful Mess

Red velvet products don’t stop at cake – you can also find pancake mix, lattes, ice cream, liquor and even popcorn in your favorite flavor.

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